Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to normal

Well we seem to be getting back to our normal routine now. Jonas is over the chicken pox, and will be back in daycare tomorrow.

My mum came here on Monday afternoon and stayed till Friday, so we could still go to work and she would watch Jonas. The thing is when my mum is here she doesn't only take care of Jonas... she cleans, she cooks and she does the laundry... it's like having an Au pair.

On Thursday I think Jonas would have been ready for daycare, but since my mum was here he stayed home. On Friday my dad came as well, because they were attending grandparents day in the daycare. They had a really nice time, and Jonas had been really excited to see all his friends again.

While my mum was here it was snowing, and when I arrived home late on Tuesday night after working till 10.00 pm this was the sight I saw.
They had been building snowmen, all of five snowmen. Jonas really had enjoyed himself, and didn't want to go inside. On Wednesday the had gone out to decorate them with carrot noses and pebble buttons and eyes.
My mum tried to get a picture of him and all 5 snowmen, but he kept moving around, so she got one without telling him she was photographing him.

Now there isn't much left of the snowmen, hopefully that means that spring is here, or is here very soon anyways. Though Jonas is a bit upset that his snowmen is gone.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. ha ha hvor godt. Kristoffer synes de var såååå fine jeres snemænd. Vi så dem da vi kørte forbi for at hente Matilde til legestuen

  2. Chicken pox, boo! That is no fun. Everyone here gets vaccines now so rarely do I hear of chicken pox anymore. I remember getting it though and it wasn't fun. And those snowmen are so adorable!


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