Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics began almost a week ago, and I must admit I haven't been that excited this time. Not that the Winter Olympics ever really got me excited. Wellback in 1998 in Nagano I actually got up in the middle of the night to watch the Womens Curling Finale. Before the Olympics in 1998 not many Danes knew what curling was, or that we had a team in the Olympics. The women surprised everyone and took home a silver medal.

Since then our biggest hope in the Winter Olympics have been our Curling teams, but this year.... Well they just suck. I think the men won one game and all I remember is the women losing one game after another. 

So nothing to get excited about. Do you follow the Olympics? 


  1. We watched the opening ceremony and followed some of the figure skating but nothing more than that really. I feel like I should get into it a little more though!

  2. Vi hat fulgt med i curling, men der er ikke meget håb;)

  3. I really only watch the summer Olympics, probably because I follow more of the sports. I enjoy gymnastics, the marathon, cycling and women's volleyball!

  4. I'm not obsessive about the olympics but I try to watch some of what is on. I really like the figure skating and the skiing/snowboarding stuff.


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