Saturday, February 8, 2014

A finished project... again:)

I finished another project, a pair of felted slippers for Jonas. 

That was probably one of the easiest and fastest project I have ever made. You knit a "long" piece, sew it together.
They look huge, actually they fit me before throwing them in the washer.
You wash them at 60 degrees Celsius, and they come out several sizes smaller.

And here you have the finished project on Jonas. What a great look, boxers and slippers! We are potty training and not wearing pants makes it easier reaching the toilet in time:)
And last a picture of the slippers without Jonas, he found it hard to stand still for me to take a picture.

But hey wasn't that a super easy project, I think I will make some for myself as well.


  1. Genialt, det kunne være at jeg skulle overveje at lave et par .
    Gad vide om jeg har garn der kan bruges til det.

    1. Mon ikke du har noget i gemmerne? 100% ren uld til pind 5,5... Med dit lager skal der nok være til 7-8 par;)

  2. They look pretty amazing! Where there several types of stitches involved? I only know the basics, and can't read patterns!


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