Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter Eggs....

Sometimes it's dangerous to surf the Internet... you would think surfing the Internet on crochet site would be pretty harmless... though I usually to so many ideas to what I want to make next.

That was what happened this time too, though these were quite fast... well at least not a project that demand months of time, and I could use yarn from my stash, so I had to make a few Easter eggs. Though after making them I would like to make some in some finer/thinner yarn, because I think the details will be prettier, but I like the ones I made in cotton yarn as well.

I found the recipe here, it's in Danish so some of you might not have much use of it, sorry.

The finished crocheted eggs, but not much egg shape to them...

I boiled some water, added sugar, after it had dissolved I soaked the eggs for a bit.
Then I pumped a water balloon up inside the egg.

And left them to dry. The recipe said at least 24 hours, but since I was working last night, which was 24 hours after I soaked them, I left them until this morning, so about 36 hours.
Blew up the balloons, and there you have the finished eggs, but I could hold my hands still while taking the photo, so therefore you get a bit blurry picture of the finished project.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Here the weather has been amazing, and we have spent all day today outside, getting the garden ready for spring, and putting up Jonas' trampoline.

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