Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get ready for a picture overload:)

Okay the last 1½ week just passed by in no time, getting back to work, my birthday last Wednesday, working most of the weekend, and all of this week, just left me more than tired when I get home, so blogging has been the last thing on my mind. This post will be mostly pictures from our trip to Turkey, and not much text.
 Jonas at the pool, and yes I know it should have been turned, but I'm too tired and my computer way too slow for me to bother deleting it and uploading it again. He loved being at the pool, as long as we stayed more or less in the shade. Then the sun would come over to our seats, he looked at Frank and said they needed a break in our room.
 During one of their breaks I tried the Turkish Bath - Hamam. And I also got a face mask and a massage. It was really amazing, and I really enjoyed it.
 With my chocolate face mask, I honestly have no idea what that should be good for, but the picture is quite fun to have.
 At the hotel playground, and as the responsible parents we are, we had beer at the playground... the pool was just behind us, and so was the pool bar, but I would leave Jonas on the playground by himself. 
 As I wrote last week the food at the hotel wasn't amazing, so some nights we went out for dinner. Twice we actually went to the same place. I was a Dane who had started a restaurant in Alanya and the food was amazing, the service great, so why not go back?
Jonas made friends with the waiters, especially this girl. When he saw her he would either run to her or wave at her, and she adored him too. She got quite a few hugs and kisses from him.

So overall an okay trip, the flight was really bad, because we flew with an old and really noisy plane, which resulted in headaches, and the food at the hotel was boring. But we really got to relax, which I guess was the whole point of the vacation.


  1. Fun! That bath looks amazing!!! And were you tempted to eat that chocolate mask at all? It must have smelt amazing. What is considered Danish food? I have found all-inclusive resorts to be hit or miss, but glad you had a relaxing time!

    1. Well the food at the restaurant weren't Danish, but really good steaks. Danish food isn't all that exciting, probably because I have had all my life, maybe I should do a post about Danish food someday.


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