Monday, June 16, 2014

A finished project... again

I have finished yet another project. I saw a lot of people online making a really cool blanket, and had to give it a go myself, but since I didn't really need another blanket, I decided to make it for my parents. There is just something nice about making blankets, because it has a lot of little pieces, though they are all the same, but after a while you can pretty much do them in your sleep, but that also means it is really relaxing making it.

After I started it my brother saw it, and really liked the colours, and said he could use one as well, so I might have to make one more. My husband also liked the effect of the 3D, and said he wanted to keep it, so who knows how many I might end up making. 

But for now it will only be the one, because as always I have quite a few projects in mind. Beside when we were in Turkey I bought a lot of cotton yarn, which was really cheap, and I kind of promised Jonas a blanket from that. But first I want to finished the cardigan for myself that I just started. 

So many projects, so little time:)


  1. That's beautiful! Did you knit that? Sew it?

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    2. Thank you. I crocheted it, and sewn it together


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