Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend is almost over, but what a wonderful weekend it has been:)

Friday evening we had invited my parents in law and my sister in law and her boyfriend over for dinner. It was my belated birthday celebration. We had a really nice evening, and I got 3 new dresses and a new top, so almost a new wardrobe. My sister in law is the best at buying clothes for me, I guess she is a bit more patient than me, because if I don't find something I like right away I give up. I almost always get clothes from them for my birthday and Christmas, and so far I haven't had to take anything back, which is why I always tell her I want clothes:)

We didn't have any plans for the rest of the weekend, except for Jonas swimming class on Saturday morning. Otherwise this weekend has been spent relaxing, napping (all 3 of us have been napping), playing, knitting, watching TV and doing a little laundry.

Today we made a bonfire, tomorrow is our midsummer, where it is tradition to have a fire and burn a witch. Though it's suppose to rain tomorrow, and it might be a little late for Jonas to go to the public bonfire, so we decided to make our own little bonfire, though without a witch.

We did make "snobrød" which is a dough you twirl around a stick, and bake over the fire, translated it will be twirl-bread. 

Jonas started making his, but he had on the ground, in the dirt, deep in the fire etc. And in the end he handed it over to Frank to finish it while he rode his bike. 

I actually didn't think he would eat it afterwards, but he really loved it, so it was a success. Next time I guess we also have to make marshmallows.

Happy midsummer everyone!

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