Thursday, August 14, 2014


Lately I seem to be drained of energy. 

I have to drag myself to work, and I don't care to be there. Since I got a new position on October 1st last year, well thing just changed. I decided not to be a sales leader anylonger, and "just" have a regular job. It's been hard, especially because I stayed in the same department. It's been hard finding my place, some still see me as a leader, at least it feels like that, because I get asked everything, I still have some of the same assignments as I had before, which also makes it hard finding my place. 

Back in October we also got a new boss in our department, and let's just say that she doesn't fit in that position. She still has a lot to learn, and sometimes it feels like everyone expects that it's my job teaching her everything... Well then they are not paying me enough. 

At times I feel like I'm the only one taking any kind of responsibility to get things done. Just a simple thing as checking her e-mail, well she doesn't do that everyday, maybe twice a week if we are lucky... Well this resolves in a lot of lost information.

If it was for my colleagues, well then I don't know what I would do. We try to stick together, and I guess we have to ride this out.

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