Thursday, August 7, 2014

A finished project

I have today off, and for once I really feel like I have got a lot done. This Saturday we are hosting our 6th annual Survivor Party, so Jonas and I started the day of getting our shopping done. When we got home we got things arranged, did a little cleaning and as I write the last load of laundry is being washed.

I also got around to take a picture of a cardigan I finished last week, though I haven't got around to wash it yet so it's rolling a bit, but I hope washing it will help. Sorry for the bad picture, this selfie thing just aren't something I'm good at. 

I have now started a new project, a blanket for Jonas. I bought a lot of cotton yarn when we were in Turkey, it was a bit cheaper than here. At first I thought the price was pretty much the same as a lot of yarn here, but the quality seemed a bit better. I wasn't until I got home I realised that it was 100 g balls, instead of the regular 50 g. So it was actually really cheap. 

The picture isn't the best, the colours are much better live, the part I have crocheted is more green.

Have a great day:)


  1. I always love reading about your Survivor party! And great cardigan!


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