Monday, August 4, 2014

A summer update

Yes I'm still here, I guess July wasn't the month for me to blog. It's been crazy hot here for so long, I can't remember a summer this hot, and at times really humid, though hardly ever any rain. 

The great weather combined with 2 weeks off from work, well that just kept me off the computer, not like totally isolated, still checked my mail, facebook and instagram, and read blogs, but I didn't have the energy to blog.

I still haven't bothered to move the pictures from our camera to the computer, so you will have to do with cell phone pictures. On Thursday before our vacation my parents picked up Jonas, and took him home, so he could go on vacation by himself. He loved it, and was really excited to go. He was riding his bike in the driveway, when my dad opened the trunk of their car. That was his clue to run inside get his suitcase and jump in the car... my dad only opened the trunk to put something in there, then weren't about to leave. So for next 20 minutes Jonas sat in the car calling my mum and dad:)

There were no pool at my parents, but this seemed to work just as well:)

We also went camping for a few days. Well we rented a small cabin on a camp site, and our neighbours had their caravan at the same place. We had a couple of really nice days, but honestly camping is not on my top list of vacation types. We had a toilet in the cabin, but no shower, which almost freaked me out, well mostly because of my broken foot, and showering with a broken foot isn't easy. Though by the time we went camping my foot was a lot better, and I could remove the dressing so I could shower.
The Canoe ride with my brother

We had a few BBQ, Frank's sister and boyfriend came over, we went for a BBQ at Franks parents. And we went to Legoland with my parents, Franks parents and my brother. It was a really nice day, but way too hot, but Jonas loved showing everything of to them all. 
He was a fast learner, my brother told him where to put his hand and he thought it was so funny.

Saying goodbye in the parking lot

I went back to work last weekend, and this last week has been busy. Though yesterday we did have a chance to visit the harbour, where the Tall Ship Races 2014 were visiting. I must say there were some really impressive ships there.
A small view of the harbour
So all in all a busy summer, I will try to get back in the rhythm of things, and blog a bit more regular.

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  1. I love camping! Although you are a serious trooper to be camping with a broken foot. That would ruin the experience for me. And that is so adorable how excited Jonas was about going to your parents house! Evan loves visiting his grandparents but they live 10 hours away.


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