Monday, August 11, 2014

Survivor party

So this weekend was our 6th survivor party, the weather unfortunately started our really wet and rainy, but it clear up during the day. 

Get ready for a picture overload, and a few comments along the way.

 The first competition was skiing, each team got 2 boards and some rope and had to walk from one end of the backyard to the other and back.
 Here they had to flip a blanket to the other side while all 3 of the were standing on it.
 Using a flyswatter as a racket, and a balloon as a ball. They had to get the balloon to one end of the backyard, switch player and back in the basket. If the balloon touched the ground they had to start over, though we had to change that, because it was too windy.
 Throwing cards at a watermelon, they only had to get one card to stick, but this one guy was really good at it and had to show of:)
 Hole in one... well getting a pencil in the bottle, but since we didn't want it to be too easy, each team had to have 2 players getting it in the bottle.
 Building a Lego car, one had to guide and one had to build. We ended up having to stand between them, because of course they tried to cheat looking over each others shoulders....
 Placing m&ms on top of a straw with another straw, this was guy actually super fast, the girl he competed with got none placed by the time he finished... maybe she was more drunk than him.
 Who could eat 10 crackers the fastest without drinking. Well two of the girls started spitting at each other, and were disqualified.
 3 finalist at the plank, though one guy didn't last long. He actually didn't get much of a chance to get up there, but as a referee you have to be strict, otherwise this last game will take way too long.
 The final 2, we ended having them stand on one leg, jump from one leg to the other etc.
 Here they had to touch the plank, and in the end she fell of and he won. It was actually the second time he won, he also won back in 2012.
 Celebrating with champagne...
And his very nice teammates throwing him in the pool. Well they were nice enough to let him get his pants of first.

All in all again another great survivor party, though thinking up new games is getting hard, so if anyone has any good suggestions please let me know!


  1. I love your survivor party!!! I wish I could go!

  2. Bliver helt misundelig. Rød hold er bare de bedste


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