Sunday, November 22, 2009

A great Sunday

I'm feeling fantastic today, I had a date with my neighbour at nine this morning to go to the gym. I might end up being one of those people, it was actually quite nice, so I might end up in good shape:D On the way home from the gym we went by a factory outlet, that were selling cheap scarfs, stockings, bathing suits, jewelery, watches etc. Though this time they didn't have that much to temp me, so I only ended up with 3 pair of leggings and a watch for only 95 danish krones (about $19).
Now have the rest of the day to do whatever I want, usually I would be cleaning, but my really sweet husband cleaned yesterday, and did most of the laundry. Its raining though so I'm not going to do any outdoor activity, but maybe I should finish arranging out wedding pictures.
Ohh yeah the other day I wrote a dear 16 year old Connie letter, after being inspired by Wendy's letter, I mailed to her, and she posted it on her blog, you can see it here.

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