Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top model... or not!

I suddenly understand the girls in shows like "Americas next top model", I've always had a good laugh when watching them try to walk in heels, while thinking to myself, how hard can it be, if I was in the show, I would blow the judges away... well maybe not. I never had much trouble wearing heels, and with our Christmas party at work coming up next weekend, I have the cutest dress, but had ruined my really good, and yeah bit old, stilettos. So yesterday I went to buy a new pair, I found the nicest black satin, open toe shoes, they would go perfect with the dress... but I now know, heels are not just heels. These a just about an inch higher than any of my other heels, and yeah that certainly makes a difference. My feet are hurting, I can't walk nice in the sober, so just imagine me a tiny bit drunk, and trying to dance on a probably wet dance floor (wet from the spilled beer, that's the way the Christmas parties always turns out), I don't think it will be a pretty sight. I fear that I won't be able to walk in them by Saturday, so now I regret not buying a really nice red pair, because I didn't have a purse that matched... well maybe I should go for the red pair and buy a new purse as well? One thing is sure, I'm going shoe shopping again tomorrow, but hey that's not a bad thing, and hopefully by practicing I will be able to wear my black satin open toe shoes for new year:)

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