Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mr. Catlounge

Oh well, I couldn't find a purse matched the red shoes, so I decided to that I would wear another black pair, but some without heels. That was until 10 minutes before leaving, then I tried to fix my old stilettos, and a managed to make them look okay, so I went with them. It worked fine all night, though they now look even more ruined than before, but who cares, I now have time to practice wearing my new shoes.

The Christmas party went great, some people got a bit too drunk, but I had a lot of fun. On Sunday we went to brunch at some friends house, its been ages since we have seen them, and we had the most amazing day. It was really relaxing, lots of food, good conversation, wish it could have continued even longer:D

One night last week when I was surfing the Internet, I came by a site where I could enter my cat in a competition called Miss/Mr. Catlounge, I figured why not try it, he could end up winning a years worth of cat food. He is currently number 8, which took me quite by surprise, since more than 1200 cats have entered. So if you would like to vote for him go to and search for Gustav from Esbjerg. You have to vote for 3 cats, and you should of course give Gustav the first place;o)

Here is the picture that so far have got Gustav to the 8th place, I know he is a bit older and bigger now, but hey I thought more people would vote for a kitten! So vote for him:)

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  1. I so just went and voted for Gustav! Well, I think i voted for Gustav - the website is all in Danish, and you know how good my Danish is!! I put a "1" rosette on his photo - that seemed to work.

    Miss you.



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