Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend is here!

Yeah the weekend is finally here, and very much needed. I will be off work until Monday afternoon, and then I will be working all through the night. I'm actually looking forward to pulling an all-nighter. The last week I have felt hopelessly behind, but every time I try to get something done a bit faster I have been disturbed by co-workers, customers or something else. But Monday afternoon its going to be all Christmas mood for me and a colleague, we are going to stuff the store with all our Christmas items, and do all the things I don't have time to do in a normal workday.
I will spend the weekend thinking a bit Christmas at home as well, I will start decorating during the weekend, though I'm sure that my husband would prefer I kept it at work:) We are also going to support our local soccer team tomorrow, they are having their last home game this season tomorrow, and we have been invited to the lounge by some friends, which means free food and even better free beer, just one little tiny minus about it, I have an spinning class at 8.30 Sunday morning...

My parents old dog Pluto in my soccer jersey, go EfB...

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