Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pancakes with nutella and banana...

Well ever since I posted my last post I haven't been able get the pancakes with nutella and bananas of my mind... It for sure didn't help that Wendy posted a comment with a link to the menu from our favourite place in Ljubljana Cafe Romeo. So I went shopping and made myself a pancake with nutella and banana:D Here it is...


  1. Looks so yum! It reminds of the time when we made them when I came over to visit!!

    Did you notice Cafe Romeo do a Nutella & Cream Cheese pancake?? Madness!

    Mmm, I think a trip to Ljubljana would be lovely. I haven't been back since. All this talk of pancakes is making me miss the place so much!!


    ps: can't believe you slept in the hall! I suppose I did sleep in a bed with a stranger for 3 months there, so it does make us even!

  2. Nutella and Cream Cheese, doesn't sound too good. Somewhere I think I got pictures from when we made the pancakes.

    Can you believe what we put up with? Sleeping in the hall or with strangers... and then on top off it paid rent to do so... so young and so stupid... but so fun...

  3. this looks absolutely delicious!!



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