Friday, January 29, 2010

The simple things

I came across a blog called Soul Aperture, she had post about the simple things, and for every other blogger that leaves a comment and make their own simple things post she and her family will donate $1 to doctors without borders. So here it is, my list of simple things.

  • Pancakes with nutella and banana
  • Watching my sleeping cats
  • Going to the gym
  • A warm cup of fresh coffee
  • The excitement of reading the blogs I follow
  • Discovering new blogs
  • Seeing the sun on a winter day
  • Looking through old pictures
  • E-mails from old friends
  • Watching desperate housewives
  • Watching the European championship in Handball (not so much last night, when Denmark lost to Croatia)
  • The excitement of starting a new job on Monday
  • The feeling of lying down in a bed with new clean sheets
  • Being able to drink a glass of water straight from the tap
  • Reading a good book

Well I could continue this forever, but that was at least some of my simple things.


  1. this is a fabulous list!
    "pancakes with nutella and banana." yummy!
    thank you for joining in!

  2. I also love following and discovering new blogs! It's the one moment in my day that's actually quiet and relaxing:)

  3. Looking through old pictures is magical! It brings back so many memories... and I also love discovering new blogs, like yours! :)


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