Thursday, March 10, 2011

Becoming a mum...

Becoming a mum is all I thought it was, and a whole lot more...

Giving birth was tough, I started getting contractions on Wednesday afternoon, and at midnight they were steady, with 5 minutes apart, so we called the hospital, who told me to come in for a check (which I had also been in the morning, because I was 2 weeks passed my due date). We went, I got checked and I got sent back home... I was told that the contractions would get worse! Ahead of time I had been wondering why women would complain about the contractions, because I didn't think they were all that bad!

But they got worse, a lot worse, but they didn't get steady, sometimes 15 minutes apart, other times 7 minutes... so no use in calling the hospital again right away, and beside I had an appointment Thursday morning, where they would start the labour. The contractions were bad enough, so I couldn't sleep, and I started vomiting due to the pain. Thursday morning at 8.30 couldn't come soon enough...

We went to the hospital, and I got checked again, and this time I was 6 cm open, and was in labour... I can't tell you how happy I was when they told me, I couldn't help thinking that the pain had done something good!

But I still had a long day ahead of me... he wasn't born until 3.45 pm, and I got even more exhausted, since I hadn't eaten since the night before, which I had thrown up. But I had the best midwife you can imagine, she was so patient.

When he arrived it was the best feeling I have ever experienced, and so worth all the pain, but I must admit I had imagined it would be much worse. After giving birth the midwife first brought us some sandwiches, but they were running short, because so many babies had been delivered that day... so she ran to the cafeteria and brought us some chicken, and being incredibly hungry it was probably the best chicken I ever had... not sure I would feel the same if I got it today, but at the time I needed the energy.

Now we have been home for almost a week, and I have been loving almost every single minute of it... well not the night between Sunday and Monday, because Jonas wouldn't eat, his tummy was hurting and he was crying, and I was crying... amazing how much you care for this little person, and you just want the best for them, and I felt helpless... But Monday came and everything turned around, and ever since he has been the best baby you can imagine, sleeping most of the time, only waking up 2-3 times a night to get something to eat, and then going straight back to sleep. So I guess I can't complain:)

Well that will be all for now, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. wow, you poor dear, having contractions for so long! my mother was in labor with me for several days!! i was also a couple weeks late and the doctors were worried i would be too big. but i was tiny. and my poor mother had contractions for 39 hours. apparently, i just didn't want to come out. i didn't want to tell you that before your little guy was born though! :) so i'm glad he's here and he's being such a good baby for you! i have some friends who haven't slept for days because their baby won't sleep at night. looks like you lucked out with a sweet boy! :)

  2. yey!
    congrats on such a cutie!

    what a lot of adventures you have in front of you....

  3. Aww! He is so precious! I am glad that all of the pain was well worth it - Jonas is such a doll!


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