Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, post 1

So I totally stole this from Krysten over at After "I do", but before my blog will turn into a baby blog, I figured I could do this, and by the time I will be done with this, I might be a bit more creative so the blog wont need to change it's name to "All about Jonas".

Here is the different this I will be blogging about over the next many Wednesdays. I figured this was a good idea with our 2nd anniversary coming up on Monday, so here we go!

1. How it all began: How you first met, first kiss, how long did you date? first picture etc.

    2. When you knew he was the one: Self explanatory, but how did you know?

    3. Proposal: How did it happen? How long were you engaged? Was it a total surprise, pictures etc.

    4. The ring: Tell us about it, did you pick it out? Did he? Pictures! Tell us about his ring too!

    5. Engagement/bridal pictures: Let us see them.

    6. The colors: Show some of the flowers and the colors you used.

    7. The dress: Was it what you always imagined? Did you have it made for you? White or Ivory?

    8. The little accessories: You know, the veil, the shoes, the jewellery, what did your bridesmaids wear?

    9. The reception: Where was it at? Show us some pictures! What day did you get married?

    10. The cake/food: I love food, so tell me about what you had at your wedding.

    11. Favourite part of the day/least favourite part of the day: Can be anything.

    12. Honeymoon: Where did you go? Was it good?

    13. Thoughts on marriage: What is the easiest/hardest part? If you could change anything, what would it be?

    14. First place you lived together: Pictures if you have them.

    15. Kids: Do you have any yet? How many do you want? Any tips on birth control good/bad?

    16. Most recent pictures of you and your significant other, and what you love most about them: And any other thoughts!

How it all began: Well we first met shortly after I moved to Esbjerg to study in 2000. I think the first time we met was at the Student house (a place where students from all the different educations could come and hang out). We were both bartending, it was the 2 of us and another girl. It was a pretty slow night, so Frank and I were pretty much just chatting and letting the other girl do most of the work! Frank thought he was ohh so funny, he asked me "If you didn't have any hands, would you wear gloves?" to which I answered "No", so he continued to ask "Why are you wearing a bra then?". There you have it, that is my husband for you:) For the record I would like to state that we did not end up together that night, or several nights after that. I didn't get pissed though, I just laughed it of, and I guess that was what he liked about me.

On May 12th 2001 I was bartending again with a few other girls, it was the night of the Eurovision song contest, and it was hosted in Denmark, so we had made a big event of it. Frank came to the student house shortly before closing, he had told some of his friends that he was going there to get with me... and I hate to admit it, but that was the night we got together. We went out, and one thing let to the other, we started kissing, and have been together ever since.

So we were together for 8 years before we got married... I guess we wanted to be sure it was the real thing! Or maybe we just hadn't given marriage a lot of thought earlier on.

Okay the first picture of us together it quite hard... my husband doesn't like to be photographed, so this picture is from some friends wedding in 2007, I don't think it's the first picture of us together, but it's the oldest one I can find... and don't judge my hair!

Well there you have it, my first Wedding Wednesday post, I'm looking forward to answering more of the questions!


  1. oh wow! i love reading stories of how people met and eventually fell in love. your husband sounds like quite the character! :)

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you're doing this, it's so much fun!

  3. i enjoyed reading your post :-) lovely greetings


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