Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprises in the mail

On Friday my husband went to get the mail, and the were 2 packages in the mail for me. Well the first one was some clothes I order online for Jonas. One of the diaper companies allows you to collect points every time you buy some of their products, so I spent some of the points on a soccer outfit for the Danish national team for Jonas... well he will be able to fit into it by next summer or so, but it's really cool:)
The other packages I didn't even know the company shipping it to me... but I opened and it turned out I had won a book. During my pregnancy I have entered a lot of competitions on some of the pregnancy websites. The thing is have entered so many so I forget to check back if I have won, so there I had a wonderful surprise of winning a book. The book is about 4 women who meets up in a mothering group (which I look forward to doing soon too), and the only thing they have in common is that they have babies who are all born around the same time. So now they are getting to know each other, and making friends they probably would never have made if it weren't for the kids. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Today is the first day my husband is back to work after me giving birth. In Denmark the husband gets 2 weeks of leave when he becomes a father. I was fearing it a bit, but so far Jonas and I are doing fine, we slept in a bit, but I still have managed to get a few things done... like loading the washer, unloading the dishwasher, making a doctors appointment for Jonas' first check up and called the church to reserve the date for his baptism. Right now Jonas is sleeping and I should go make myself some lunch.
Have a great week everyone:)

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  1. that book sounds really interesting. how fun to get a surprise package in the mail! maybe that can be your "jonas is napping" book.


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