Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring, friends and invitations

It's been a great week so far... the spring has come to Denmark, and I'm hoping it's staying. Though they have talked about snow tomorrow, I find it hard to believe with the great weather we have right now, it's not super warm, but the sun is shining, and Jonas are sleeping outside in his pram. The great weather also gives us the opportunity to go for long walks, which hopefully will lead to me loosing a few more pounds:)

Yesterday a friend of mine came for a visit with her baby, whom suddenly seemed amazingly big... I guess with Jonas only being 3 weeks, Ella just seems huge being 8 months:) It was really nice seeing her again, we used to work in the same department, but after she went on maternity leave we haven't been the best at keeping in touch. Unfortunately she is going back to work soon, so instead of taking her full maternity leave she is saving some, and are therefore able to only work 30 hours a week the next year and a half. Wouldn't that be cool? I won't be able to do that though, since I'm employed as a leader, and therefore don't have a fixed schedule.

Today I have done a little light cleaning while Jonas is sleeping, and I have made the invitations for his baptism, and if I have to say it myself they turned out pretty great:)

We are having the baptism on my birthday. We were planning on having it the day after, since my birthday is on Saturday, but our church apparently have special baptism services the first Saturday in the month, so come June 4th Jonas is getting baptised.

Now I'm looking forward to the weekend, where we will have some friends over for dinner. So depending on Jonas' mood we will see who is cooking the dinner, me of the husband:) Have a great weekend everyone when you get there!


  1. I remember that feeling, seeing an older baby and thinking how old he/she was and how different to my new little one. They change so quickly! The development in that first year is unbelievable.

    I love your baptism invite. Very pretty.

  2. aw, that's great you're doing your own baptism invites! they look beautiful. i hope you get to keep your sunshine!

  3. The invites are adorable! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweet little guy!


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