Thursday, January 12, 2012

A letter to the mayor...

Well first I have to say I'm blown away by all the comments on my last post, thank you so much, they really make me happy:) And the little cheering up has been needed the last few day, I have been more than a little upset, I have been pissed.... yeah I thought I was pissed when the guy with the car blew us of, I guess I wasn't... let's face it, usually when something pisses me of I bitch and moan about it, but doesn't really do much about it.
In Denmark all municipalities offers daycare for children, some municipalities has guarantee that you will get a spot for you kid, if he/she is sign up 3 months before you need it. We live in one of those municipalities, and I signed Jonas up for a spot last May, which we would be needing in the end of February this year... So I thought (called me naive) that I was secured a spot, especially since I had to choose what was most important to us, if we wanted something close by (yeah that would be nice, but not an absolutely must), what kind of daycare (a private person with only 4 kids or a public with loads of kids, and more adults) or the opening hours. We chose the opening hours to be the most important. Since my husband is commuting quite far at the moment he leaves around 6 am in the morning, and with me working in a department store my hours shift a lot, some days I will start at 6 am, some days later, some days I will have to work till 9 pm, which means my husband will have to pick up Jonas, and because of the commute the long opening hours will be necessary...
This smile has also been cheering me up:)
So on Monday I got a letter that he had been accepted to a private daycare, which I am kind of okay with, but the thing is she doesn't open until 7 am... so my husband will never be able to drop Jonas off, because then he won't make to work in time, and well I can't drop him off either if I have to be at work at 6 am. So I called the bitch at the municipality that I have had multiple discussions with, every time she is so rude... I said this won't work, this way one of us will have to quit our job and be on daycare... but she didn't care, maybe I could get another spot in the fall...
Usually this is where I would stop doing more about it, and just really bitch and moan about it, and try to make it work. But not this time, this just affects me way too much, I'm going back to a job I love, and now I might have to quit because I can't get Jonas into a good enough daycare?
So we wrote a letter to the mayor... yep, we told him we didn't understand this whole thing. Every time you turn on the radio or the TV some politician is talking about people being willing to commute or move to get a job. My husband was unemployed for 1½ month this fall, and ended up having a long commute to his new job, he did what every politician say we have to do, and now we can't get proper daycare for our son... the solution they have given us is not acceptable and one of us might have to quit our job...
We got an e-mail back that someone was looking into our case, and we would hear from them soon... so I'm hoping that when we hear from them it will be that we got another daycare, with better opening hours.
On the bright side though, Jonas and I went to visit the daycare we got yesterday, the lady seems really nice, and I am sure she will take good care of Jonas. She is currently also taking care of a 3 year old boy, though he will soon be going to kindergarten instead, a 2 year old girl and a little boy a month younger than Jonas.
And today I called my boss, and told him about our situation, and he said that we would work around it until I got another spot for him... I think I said this before, but I will say it again, I got the best boss ever....
So please keep your fingers crossed that I will get a better daycare spot for Jonas, and soon:)


  1. How frustrating. I hope you hear back from them soon with good news.

  2. This is so frustrating, but seems like your boss is a totally reasonable human being and hopefully soon you'll find a spot with better opening hours!

    Good luck

  3. so many things happening to you--while it is frustrating to you, i do like learning what life is like in other countries for others.

  4. Good on your for taking it up to the mayor. And it is such a blessing that you have such a reasonable boss. I have my fingers crossed for a more favorable response!

  5. Oh my gosh, how frustrating! I hope you get some better news soon.

  6. Fingers are crossed for you. Why does it seem like everything having to do with daycare is such a headache? Your boss sounds amazing and I'm so glad he's going to work with you until you find a new place! Good luck on the search. :)


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