Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yet another post about daycare...

Today Jonas is having his first in daycare, my little baby is now a little boy:) We got an e-mail back from the municipality (remember I wrote about it here) well they basically don't care, we got a long explanation on how they try to adapt the daycares opening hours into the modern and flexible family... well why do we get the lousy opening hours when? And in the end they wrote "we hope you will find a solution to your problem soon"... well that was kind of why we wrote you, you were suppose to find a solution to our problem as the municipality guarantee... Well I got so fed up with this I guess we will try to work with the daycare we got...

That is for now anyways... on Friday we went to visit a privately owned institution, and now I am kicking myself for not having signed Jonas up for a space there when he was born... it is the most lovely place, there is lots of kids, lots of adults, an amazing playground, it's on an old farm and the got animals like goats etc. for the kids to visit. But of course they are full, they don't take any kids under the age of 2 in until 2013... but we have signed Jonas up, and are hoping that we will get a spot. Sooner or later we are moving him there. I have heard so many people saying but moving him around is not good for him... I know, but the way I look at it is we are starting him up at this woman today, and by the age 3 he will be moved into kindergarten, if we instead moves him to this other institution when there is a free spot and then he will be able to stay there until he starts school... so both ways he will only be moved once, so I don't get all the fuzz!
Another cool thing about this institution is that it's open 24/7, well you get 200 hours a month, otherwise you have to pay extra. But these hours can be spent however you like, so if my husband would get stuck in traffic on the way home, he wouldn't have to stress about not being at the daycare before they close... and even better they don't "force" us to use our vacation in the middle of July and between Christmas and New Year etc. The daycare you get through the municipality is closed 2 weeks during the summer (the most expensive time to travel), on all national holidays, between Christmas and New Year... and well this is not always the time we have off, I do work between Christmas and New Year, I don't always have the 2 busiest travelling weeks of, and since I work in a garden center I might even work on national holidays... so we are really hoping to get him into this institution, so keep you fingers crossed for him to get a spot soon:)
Well I should get things ready for his first day in daycare, or should I say our first day in daycare... I will be staying with him:) Have a great week everyone!


  1. I hope Jonas gets a spot at the private daycare, it sounds really nice.

    I'm sorry the municipality blew off your concerns. :(

  2. Ugh, how frustrating! I hope the private daycare will take Jonas sooner than later.

  3. We don't have free daycare here, is it free there? Not the private I mean

    1. Hi, the daycare isn't free here either, but we do get a grant from the state, so we only pay about 25% of the cost. Though the strange thing is we also get the grant if we choose a private daycare, but I think the one we have signed Jonas up for might cost a bit more than the public ones, but I think it's worth it:)


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