Saturday, January 7, 2012

What did we do before the internet?

I have a hard time remember my life before the internet, I doubt I could live without it now. But back in 1998/1999 when I was an Au Pair in Maryland, USA I didn't even have an e-mail account... I wrote and received a lot of letters and I loved it. I loved seeing the mail man driving up our street in his little white truck, I love the mailboxes with the little flag (we don't have that in Denmark), I loved being able to send my letters from the house, just had to put them in the mailbox and raise the flag and the mail man brought them with him.

I got my first e-mail account after arriving home from the USA, which I thought was a great way to stay in touch with people. That was pretty much my first meeting with the internet... well not exactly I had been online once or twice in high school, but the internet was incredibly slow at the school and we weren't allowed to use it if it wasn't for school work...
Well since then a lot has happened. I got a facebook profile at some point, I can't remember exactly when, but I have uploaded the first pictures in the fall of 2007, so it was probably around then I got on facebook... honestly how did people stay updated while on maternity before facebook? I am so glad I can stalk my colleagues on facebook and stay updated:)

On October 30th 2009 I wrote my first blogpost, and who knew anyone would actually read my blog? Every time I get a new follower I might actually do a little happy dance:) I now have 21 followers, which compared to a lot of other blogs is nothing, but I'm happy for every single one of my readers. I love blogging because I get to know people from around the world, and learn new things.

Just this week I got a new cell phone, and I am actually now able to go online on my phone (yeah I know I'm really far behind in that area). My relationship with my phone used to be a thing that belonged in my purse and every once in a while I had to remember to recharge it... now I can download different apps etc. A whole new world to me:) Who knows... someday I might even get a Twitter account, which I still don't get the big deal about....

Twitter or not Twitter I don't think I could live without the internet today, I have a hard time not checking my email or my facebook several times a day... well that might change a bit when I start working again... well that was just a few of my thoughts, have a great weekend:)


  1. i did the dirty and got a twitter account today....

    i dont really see the point but i realised that my sisters were all chatting to each other on it and i was missing out....which to be honest was the same reason that i got facebook...

    just another addiction for me to winge on about methinks...

  2. It's funny to think about life before all of this - before blogging, Facebook, etc. I remember handwriting my papers in school and when our family got our first computer!

  3. I love your blog and I especially love this post! I tried to have a 'non-laptop' day today. See how well that turned out ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes! I often wonder what I would do without the internet! As an expat, it would be so hard.

    I'm not on facebook but I am on twitter.

  5. When I don't have access to it, I forget about it. I prefer the handwritten letters anyway, but it does make things easier and quicker and the Internet has allowed me to blog and meeting wonderful people like you! (I'm on FB and Twitter!)

  6. The internet has definitely changed our lives. My husband and I constantly look things up when we don't know how something works, etc. In the past we'd have to go to the library to look up this information, or (more likely) just forget it and continue to wonder. So much information at our fingertips!

  7. We were just talking about life before the internet in my internet marketing class. I just can't imagine my life without blogging!

  8. I am still avoiding Twitter. I'm beginning to feel a little over-connected. Doesn't it seem a bit worrisome that we can't imagine living without the Internet?


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