Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A winter walk...

Today was the first day Jonas was going to be in daycare by himself. When I left we agreed that he should stay for 2 hours, and then I would pick him up again, so he got to start up slowly. About 1 hour and 15 minutes after I dropped him off, she called that maybe we had overestimated the 2 hours, because he was really upset, kept crying and she couldn't get him to calm down. So I went to pick him up, he was quite happy to see me, but it took a bit before he calmed down completely:)

When we got home I decided to take Jonas out for a walk. We got a little bit of snow on Monday evening, but nothing to brag about. The sun was shining, and the ground almost covered with snow I figured it was the perfect weather for a walk to the little lake nearby.

So we put on our warm clothes and started walking. When we got to the lake I was kicking myself for only bringing my pocket camera, because it was an amazing scenery, and well my pocket camera doesn't take the best of pictures.

We went to the feeding spot, to feed the swans and ducks with some old stale bread. But the first part of the lake was covered with a thin layer of ice, so it took a while for the swans to make a "road" to shore. But I think they were happy we brought food, and Jonas was happy watching them eat.
I really enjoyed watching the swan babies (I don't know what the proper name for them is), that had got a bit bigger than this summer. It was fun to see them trying to walk on the ice, they looked like Bambi on ice. Their parents seemed to have tried it before and were better at it.
When we got home, we had lunch and now Jonas is sleeping, hopefully the fresh air will have him take a long nap, he seemed to be needing it, especially since I for some reason was really upset from 1.00 am till 2.30 am last night... So a good long nap is in need, maybe I should take one as well:)


  1. Jonas looks so happy in those photos, hard to imagine him being so upset :( I'm just glad you had a camera on you at all so we can share this little magical moment with you and Jonas. Think of you guys often. Hugs <3

  2. Well at least he did well at daycare for a little while. It'll get easier for him though :)

    Love the pictures, he looks so happy at the lake.

  3. i hope that you get your daycare sorted out :(

    a baby swan is called a cygnet
    (pronounced sig-net)

    1. Thanks, I guess I just learned a new word, if then only if I could remember what they are called in Danish:)


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