Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Survivor Party

Well this Saturday was our Survivor Party, the weather was amazing, and the party was great. We had lots of fun and I am all ready excited about next years party.

Here is a few pictures from the day. Ahead of time both teams were told to make a team drink. The winners would get brunch and the losers would get cornflakes and oatmeal.

 The red team showed up with red sodas and popped a strawberry down the bottle:) They said their new style was the didn't drink this year.
The blue team made jello shots and a some kind of mystery drink. Needless to say the blue team won, which disappointed the red team, they thought it was their turn to win the brunch... but it doesn't go by turn, so the blue team had their well deserved brunch. After the blue team was named the winner, the red team said "screw it we will have a cold beer".
The first game was a relay of 3 little games, the first part they had to roll a ping-pong ball down ruler and hit a shot glass.

 Second they had to move 3 m&ms using a straw...
 and the last part they had to move an egg from a top of a bottle to another bottle only using a string. The red team won big time here, though the ruler the blue team used turned out to be a bit crooked, so he never got the ball in the shot glass.
 Another game they had 3 cans of fruit and had to stand on 2 of them and move the third one, and that way the could walk over the finish line. The girl on the red team was really great at it, and the guy on the blue team was really drunk, so he gave up quite fast...
 In another game they had to move water from a bucket and fill a glass, again the red team won...
 We also had a "balloon dancing" game. 2 people from each team should compete with a balloon between their heads, going under a ladder etc. again the red team won.
 Here they are getting pasta penne on a spaghetti, I just love her face in that picture.

We ended up with a red team member winning this years survivor party. I know it seems like the red team won everything, but actually they won pretty much the same amount of games, but the funniest pictures are from the games the red team won.

As you can see we had an amazing time, and I can wait for next year, which will be our 5th time. We are thinking about making it a "greatest hits" and use some of the best games from all the other years.


  1. You guys are so creative with all these cool games. I want friends like you guys :)

  2. I love the idea of a team drink! Such a fun, creative idea!

  3. I just scrolled down looking and giggling at all the pictures first! Looks like yet another successful survivor party Connie!


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