Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An almost finished project...

 Remember last time I finished a project, I showed you the yarn for a new project. Well it has been under construction for quite a while, but it seemed like when summer hit, it was just too warm to knit in the thick yarn. But now I have almost finished it, just need to fix the ends. So what did I make? I knitted a cardigan/bolero for myself...
Don't mind the stain on the t-shirt... hey it was late Sunday night, and I didn't even realise they were there until I saw the photo...

And a picture from the back...

Now I am refreshing my socks knitting skills, because tomorrow I will be "teaching" the girls in my knitting/crocheting group to knit socks. We started our little group this spring, we are 6 girls, and we meet up once a month. I really enjoy their company, and I am looking forward to tomorrow, though I am not the best teacher, luckily most of them knows how to knit, so hopefully it won't be to challenging.


  1. Oh wow...that's so awesome! You know, I bought one of those last winter for $35. I'm definitely wishing I had your skills right about now.

  2. Er spændt på at se resultatet i aften.
    Strømpepindene er fundet frem. Glæder mig.

  3. den er blevet rigtig flot din lille trøje og jeg lover at have fremtryllet det øverste af en sok. Glæder mig til lektion nr. 2

  4. Well done!! it looks fabulous - I'm still only half way done with my hot water bottle cover! I'll get there though.

  5. Seriously Connie, this is just ridiculous! You are amazing! I'd be hopeless at it. It looks wonderful, I love the color xoxox


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