Friday, September 21, 2012


So it looks like fall is arriving in Denmark, and Jonas have been puddle jumping. It seems like it's raining a lot, though it is probably not more than the usual in September, but you have little boy who loves to be outside it seems like it's raining all the time. So this is where the rain suit and rubber boots comes in handy.

Maybe I should find my on rubber boots and go puddle jumping with Jonas... or maybe I should get some new ones, there are some really nice rubber boots out there...
Like these pink ones from Ilse Jacobsen, she is a Danish designer, and has a lot of really cool rubber boots.
Or these pearlecent green Hunter rubber boots, who doesn't like Hunter rubber boots? The hard thing will be deciding which ones to get... or maybe I should just clean my leopard print rubber boots, and bought a few years back, but hardly ever used...

Try to enjoy the fall, even when it rains:)

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  1. I love my Hunters, I got them in Cafe Latte, as I haven't seen many people wearing that color. It is a tough decision!

    PS I loved the story about your choosing your wedding dress! LOVE IT! xoxox


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