Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm still here...

Yeah I'm still here, though it seems like the last few weeks have flown by. It feels like I have been on the go all the time. I've been to 2 home parties with children's clothes, and Jonas doesn't even know how spoil he is! 

Last Wednesday I met up with the girls in our knitting club, which I just love, we have an amazing time. Two of the girls from my knitting club actually is also blogging, though in Danish, but I guess google translate can help you out, or you can just enjoy their pictures, since they mostly blog about their DIY projects. So check out Susanne  this dress is actually for me, isn't it cool? and Camilla.

On Saturday morning Jonas had a swimming class, we decided to start him up again this fall, though he is not too happy about it, I guess he has forgotten how fun he used to have their, but it has been better for each time we go, so we will keep it up:) On Saturday night we were at a birthday party and Jonas slept at Frank's parents house all by himself (he is a big boy now). He had enjoyed himself and of course he got spoil rotten. And we got to sleep in late on Sunday... well by 9.00 am I had been awake a few times, and gave up sleeping anymore... though the party had taken it's toll on my voice, and by Sunday I hardly had any voice left, which is really annoying, though Frank thought it was pretty nice having a hangover and a wife without a voice:)

Well that will be all for now, I hope to blog a bit more this weekend:)

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