Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My little wild boy...

Monday they called from daycare that they thought Jonas was getting sick, because after his nap he wouldn't do anything, he was just laying on a blanket on the floor or cuddling up with his "daycare-mum". I stayed home yesterday, and took him to the doctor in the morning, who thought it was the flu. Most of the day he was just laying on his blanket... it wasn't until the afternoon he started getting up a little. I noticed he was using his left arm properly, but he had a small bruise on his arm, and I figured that was hurting a little.

We kept him home today, and my mother in-law came over to watch him. When I got home she said that it seemed like his left arm was hurting when she tried to pick him up. And she had also noticed that he didn't really use his left arm properly. So we ended up taking him to the doctor again, he sent us up to x-ray, and it  turned out he had broken his collarbone... so now he got some kind of wrap around his arms, which he will have to wear for a week. (I will get pictures another day, when we got home from the hospital we just had to hurry up with some dinner, and then a very late bedtime). 

So tomorrow my mother in-law will watch him again, then I will be working the night between Thursday and Friday, so I will have Friday off. I will be tired, but then Frank is off early on Fridays, so I will get to sleep when he gets home. My mum will come up Sunday night and stay till Wednesday, so he will get to stay at home at least a week, so he will have to rest his arms as much as possible, which will be hard, and probably even harder if he is in daycare. 

I'm just happy that we have a great support system... Thank God for grandparents!


  1. Oh no, poor little guy. I'm glad you took him to the doctor & he's getting it all taken care of. Hope it heels quickly.

  2. Oh my gosh! I hope he feels better soon!


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