Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A little update...

Seems like life been way too busy lately. Or well we haven't done much, but with Jonas' broken collarbone it just seems like we have been even more busy. 

We have been to the hospital today for a check up, and it was healing very well. So the doctor recommended him to keep the wrap on for another week, though we could take it of for him to get a bath and when he was sleeping. And even better... we don't have to go back for another check.

Frank has the rest of the week off, so Jonas isn't going back to daycare until Monday, and by then it should have healed a lot more. Though we are really lucky to have grandparents that are able and willing to babysit Jonas while we are at work. Last week my mother in law watched him for 2 days, and Friday I was off work. Sunday afternoon my mum arrived with bus, and my dad picked her up today. I could get used to having her live here... getting home to a clean house, no laundry, and a nice home cooked meal... all that she has done while entertaining Jonas for a whole day. 

Well that will be the little update for now. Don't know when I will be back since I will be working all day both Friday and Saturday. So until then have a great weekend!

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