Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 Even though Shrovetide isn't really until this Sunday/Monday Jonas celebrated Shrovetide at daycare yesterday. As I wrote he was going to be dressed as a lion, and by Tuesday morning I dressed him in his costume instead of his real clothes and that was okay, but wearing the hat was a no go... 

This was how he looked every time we put the hat on him:)

Again trying to get the hat off...

Most of his time he looked like this, but isn't the costume great, a friend of mine made it, and she just post pictures of her kids costume for this year, isn't she creative?

I guess Jonas was just as hard photographing as I can imagine a real lion will be, but bribing him with winegums left his hands of the hat long enough for us to get a picture:)

Does any of you celebrate holidays that isn't global?


  1. Ha ha ja de er bare så gode af ham. Glæder mig til at se hvad han skal låne næste år ;)

  2. Hvor er han bare sød. Godt at vi har Susanne:)


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