Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A homemade tractor

With an almost 2-year old little boy who is all about Tractors I of course had to crochet a tractor when I got this book and saw the recipe for a tractor. 

It didn't turn out exactly like the recipe, but it will do. At first Jonas didn't want to play with it, he put it on the table as decoration, and if I took to show him how to drive it, well he grabbed it and put it back into the same spot again.

Though now it's okay to play with, so much that it might need to go to the mechanics soon, I don't think I got the wheels sown on properly, so they might need a few extra stitches. 

Hope you all will have a wonderful week, I'm all better again, it just sucks that I had to spent my day off being sick, but the again I won't feel bad for missing a day at work. 

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  1. Connie I remember when you started with the crochet and look at this! You're amazing!


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