Sunday, February 24, 2013

Party animal

Yesterday we went to a party, celebrating our friends son finishing his education as a smith. Since Frank's parents has just gone on another vacation, they couldn't babysit. Instead we figured we would just bring along Jonas. 

He had a blast, and so did we. They had brought a box of toys for him to play with, there were play plates, cups etc. so he started serving us coffee, after he had served us, he went over to another table serving them as well, they were all good sports and played along.

Then he discovered a bowl of chocolate, luckily they were wrapped individually, and he started running around giving everyone chocolate. 

When he needed a break we had brought the tablet so he could watch Tractor Tom. 

At one point he was at the gift table, and he discovered a lot of little flag stickers on a box, which he started to pull of and put on his shirt. I got a picture, not the best quality since I only had my phone.

He was a real party animal, he had lots of fun and so did we. Though we went home quite early to get him into bed, though not as early as we had feared would have been necessary. I had said if he got too tired I would just take him home and Frank could stay, but Jonas did really good, so we all went home together. 

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  1. Wow! Jonas sounds more social and lively at parties than I am :)


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