Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A weekend of music:)

Yet another week has passed, and I can't believe it. This weekend we went to the Southern part of Denmark and stayed with my parents, during day Saturday and Sunday I was with the orchestra/brass band at a cabin in the woods. Frank and Jonas came to visit a few times. Saturday night we had a small party, my parents usually attend those parties as well, though this year my mum were busy all day Saturday and Sunday, so she offered to stay home and put Jonas to sleep, and we could enjoy the evening without having to run around making sure he wasn't getting into trouble.
Jonas doing a little dance to the music, please don't look at my face, this was at the end of the day Sunday, and I could hardly play any more.

During the weekend I think we played for 8 or 9 hours, it was so much fun, we played some of the old stuff that we have played forever, and we got some new stuff which was really exciting. We were teasing each other, making fun of each other and walked down memory lane. After all the orchestra has existed for 31 years now, so there are quite a few funny stories, like the guy who showed up in the wrong uniform, we still tease him about that 15-20 years later, the Christmas song where I always, and I mean always play during the pause, I can't help it, in my head there is another note, or the girl who said I'll get it right next week, though she didn't and she still uses that excuse:)
Jonas had fun running around and dancing while we played, though every now and then he would get into trouble.

It was a fun weekend, but boy was I tired when we got home on Sunday. Monday was not at all fun, we attended my cousins funeral. He died only 44 years old, though he has not lived an easy life I was still shocked when I heard he had passed away.

Yesterday was Franks birthday, I can't say we celebrated in style... we both had work, and for dinner we had spaghetti bolognese, how is that for a birthday menu? Though I asked Frank what he wanted for dinner and he said something Jonas would like... so that was how we ended up with that menu.

Today I have the day off, since I will be working this weekend. Jonas and I have been sleeping in, well I was lying in bed and Jonas was sitting next to me watching Tractor Tom, we have been shopping, playing with his trains and baking. Now he is sleeping, and afterwards we might go to the playground. 

Have a great week everyone.


  1. OMG look at Jonas! He's so grown. He looked like he was having fun dancing around. :) Spaghetti bolognese is a big hit in our house too. It sounds like you guys had a really nice day today. I hope you had fun at the playground! (I wish it was playground weather here!)

  2. Wow! I can't believe you've been playing with the same group of people for so long! THat is so amazing. and I'd be exhausted too after 8-9 hours of playing.

    1. I haven't played with them since the start, only for the last 21 years, which I guess is also a long time:)


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