Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One of those days...

Today has been one of those days you just wish you could skip. I'm not going to bother you with the details, but it's been a long day at work. Well it's been a long week of work, I haven't had a day of since last Tuesday, so I can't wait for it to be Saturday, or just Friday at 10 pm and I will be of for 2 whole days.

Though my day got a bit better as the day went on, now I'm on the couch, my husband made me a cup of coffee and I'm going to relax. When I check my e-mail I found out I have been chosen to test Lego Duplo via Buzzador. Well I guess Jonas has been chosen to test it, anyways there will be a package in the mail for us soon. 

I picture from Legoland from our visit last summer

 Speaking of Lego I have bought a season pass for Legoland for me and since Jonas is under the age of 3 he is free. So I think this Saturday we will leave Frank at home to do some gardening and we will head to Legoland. Hopefully we will get to spent a lot of hours having fun in Legoland over the summer. I still have my season pass for the petting zoo, it will expire in July, but I figured this year Jonas would think Legoland would be fun, so we would try something different and it's not that long of a drive from us.

Hope your day was better than mine:)


  1. Spændende Annevictoria hjælpe Jonas med at bygge duplo. Håber at vejret bliver bedre på lørdag, så i kan få en skøn dag i Billund

  2. We have a Legoland in San Diego, which is like an hour from us & we've always wanted to go. My husband is a hug fan of anything & everything Lego's so Im sure he'd be like a kid in a candy store there haha.

    Glad you guys had fun & hopefully you two will have some more fun on Saturday :)


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