Saturday, April 20, 2013

Writing cramp...

I fear I might be getting a writing cramp... well not really. I have promised my cousin to write their place cards for their 25th wedding anniversary party. 

I just got the list of names the other day, and got to it right away. This way I could split them up and do a little at the time. 

It's kind of weird writing place cards for her 25th wedding anniversary. I know she is older than me, but I don't consider her old, but to me 25 years of marriage has always been something old people achieved... 

On the other hand my parents will have their 50th wedding anniversary next year in December... can you believe it 50 years? So is 50  years for really old people? 

I guess the older you get, your perspective on things change. We might not grow up, we might not feel old, which is probably why I don't consider my cousin old, even if she is in her late 40's.  So when are we actually old?

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