Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Is it spring yet?

This winter has to end soon, I swear it has just been snowing... it's the beginning of April, what is happening?  Global warming? I thought that would give warmer weather!
Doing a self portrait isn't easy but I hope you get the picture:)

Last week it seemed like spring was about to come, but right now it seems that winter has won again. On the positive side though is that my current DIY project is useful now. I got a recipe from a colleague, who asked if I could knit a hat for her 3 girls and for her. At first I thought the recipe looked a bit hard, but I decided to give it a try.
Jonas tried it on as well, he thought he was really funny, unfortunately I only managed to get a picture of him with the hat half off and his eyes half closed.

It turned out when I had it in my hands, well it wasn't that hard at all. I started knitting one for myself from some yarn I had in stock:) It turned out better than expected, and I currently have 4 more to make. She gave me the yarn yesterday, so I have something to do for the next couple of weeks... or months maybe. When I started knitting last week the weather seemed to be getting better, so maybe I should just keep knitting and the sun will come out...


  1. The hat is super cute! What's the pattern?

    1. I only have the pattern in Danish, I will try to translate it and mail it to you. It might be a few days, but I promise I will:)

  2. I can sympathize with the weather. I am still wearing boots and scarves here in Chicago. And the hat! It's awesome!


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