Saturday, April 27, 2013

What a busy week...

Sorry for not blogging in a while, it seems like the last week has flown away. Last Saturday Jonas and I went to Legoland, and ended up going with a colleague of mine and her 8 year old daughter. We had an amazing day, and I can't wait to bring him there again. 

Last Sunday we attended the confirmation of Frank's cousins daughter. First it was 2½ hour drive, and it totally messed up Jonas rhythm of sleeping, so as soon as we had the dessert we headed back home. The drive back was awful, Jonas was really upset and screamed quite a bit. Tomorrow we are going to another confirmation of a friend's daughter, though this one is in town, so hopefully that will be a bit better.

On Tuesday I was on a IT course, because we are getting a new system at work. They asked if I would be one of the people that will do the training of the rest of the department store as we change over. At first I was a little hesitant, but I figured that since they asked me, and they only needed 3 people, well I guess they figured I was able to do it. And besides I figured it would be nice for myself to be on board from the beginning. I was pleasantly surprised at the course, the new system is really user friendly, though I'm sure there will be quite a few things that will need changing as we go along. 

Yesterday was a national holiday, and the department store was hosting a party for all employees. It started at 4 pm, and our department started ahead of time at noon. By the time we got to the real party most of our department was really drunk. Usually I would be right in there with them, but since I had to work at noon today I was being a bit careful. Around 8 pm a girl from my department had got a headache, and was being picked up. She asked if I wanted a ride, and I figured I might as well, since I would probably call a taxi soon anyways. 

Today I was working, and we were busy like hell, usually around 4 pm it will cool down, but it seemed like today I was busy until 10 pm when we were closing. Though I am glad we had something to do, otherwise I would have been really exhausted, and I would have been counting the minutes till closing, today I was only counting the last 10 minutes, because I was busy right until then...

Now I will head to bed:)

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  1. Legoland seems to be all the rage these days! I want to check it out and I don't even have kids:)


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