Sunday, April 7, 2013

April seems to fly away...

I can't believe the first week of April is all ready gone, and it seems like I can't keep up with the rest of the month. All our weekends in April is booked, either with work, parties etc. I'm not sure I really looking forward to all of it. 

This weekend we only had plans for today. Well Jonas had his swimming class yesterday morning, and as always we really enjoy that time. He loves being in the water, and it seems like he loves climbing out of the water and jumping in even more.

Today we went to visit a couple of friends that are expecting a baby in just a month. I have known her since kindergarten, but we haven't seen each other since January, so it was good to see them again one last time before she gives birth. We were invited to lunch and as always it's not just a simple lunch, the food is always amazing, and I always seems to overeat. 

Today overeating turned out to be a good thing, because I had taken some fish out of the freezer for us to have for dinner. But after it had defrosted I didn't think it looked good, and didn't smell too good either, so that ended up in the trash and we had some leftovers from yesterday instead, there wasn't that much, but with some fries and my overeating at lunch it did the job. 

I think I might be heading to bed early tonight, so I can fill up on energy for the next month... right now I really looking forward to my day off on Tuesday:)

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