Friday, May 17, 2013

Chickens come in all shapes and sizes...

Sorry for not blogging, I was working last weekend... well on Sunday I actually ended going home after a few hours, because I kept running to the bathroom throwing up. So I was in bed the rest of Sunday, I had Monday off, but was feeling all to well, but I managed to enjoy the day with Jonas anyways. The rest of the week has pretty much flown away. I'm working late today, but then I will be off for 3 whole days, since Monday is a national holiday.

On Sunday night we are attending my cousin and her husbands 25th wedding anniversary. Remember I wrote their place cards. We are dropping Jonas of at my parents in law Sunday and noon and picking him up sometime Monday. 

On their wish list is pretty much just money, since they would like to take their 4 kids for a vacation in the USA. But I think it's a bit boring just bringing an envelope with money. So I figured I would make some chickens (they have a chicken farm, and every month they produce hundreds of chickens). I found a recipe for the big one, and thought they were quite fun. The small ones are going on a chicken house that is being used for songs. In Denmark it's common to bring a song for the people having a party, well at least at weddings, confirmations, anniversaries, big birthday parties etc. 

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Umm, those are seriously adorable! What a thoughtful way to dress up the rest of the gift!

  2. Those are so cute! Did you just crochet them?!?

    1. Yes I just made them, we are going to their wedding anniversary tonight, so they are flying from the nest tonight:)


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