Sunday, May 19, 2013


So yesterday was the Eurovision. For the last couple of weeks it's been all over the media that the bookmakers loved the Danish song from Emmelie De Forest "Only Teardrops". Honestly that felt like Dejavu, I can't count the times that we heard that the bookmakers loves the Danish entry. 

But this time they were right... Denmark won. They were announced the winner even before the point from the last 3 countries were given... Ahead of time I thought the song was pretty good, and while listening to the other songs I felt we had a pretty good chance, but then again I had heard the Danish song so many times that I thought maybe that was why I liked it more that the others.

So next year the Eurovision will be held in Denmark (I'm hoping for Herning, instead of Copenhagen) and I am so much going to be there!

Congratulations to Emmelie De Forest, only 20 years old and the winner of the Eurovision 2013.

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