Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wall art

The other day I got to be the proud owner of a Jonas exclusive wall art... the first he has ever done and hopefully the last he will ever do...

I was making dinner, and just had to write something on our calendar hanging on the wall. I went back to cooking dinner, Frank was sitting at the table and suddenly he yells (or at least raises he voice) saying "what the heck are you doing kid?" Well Jonas had got hold of a red marker, and was making wall art.

Sorry for the poor quality picture, but you will have to do with a photo from my phone, I'm too lazy to grab the camera.

It was kind of hard being mad at him, he had just seen me writing on the wall (at least that was what it must have seemed like to him), and I guess he was just doing like mommy. Nonetheless he got put in his room for a time out. 

 His wall art is right under our calendar, so I guess that is why he thought I was writing on the wall.

Now when we asks who did it, he says "no, no drawing", so I hope he has learned his lesson:)

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