Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lego Duplo time

A while ago I was asked to join Buzzador in testing Lego Duplo, well I guess it was Jonas who was going to test it. 

Shortly after the package arrived Jonas realised that the Lego Duplo blocks he had all ready also matched the new ones. Though I really like the new colours on these blocks, especially the lime green and turquoise, it's really happy colours. 
Just a little time to play after bath time and before bed. 

Though lately Jonas haven't been playing to much with them, but I think it mostly because we have been crazy busy lately, and then we have been lucky that when we have had days of the weather has been great. So good that we have spent most of our time outside. 

Usually he like playing with his Lego Duplo, when we went to Edinburgh last summer we actually brought 5 or 6 blocks for him to play with in the hotel. The didn't take too much space in the suitcase and he could spent hours putting them together in several different ways. 

What I especially like about the Lego Duplo is the hours of playtime in some simple blocks. I remember playing several hours with Lego as a kid, and my parents still have the blocks, so when Jonas is a little older he will have those to play with when visiting. We have spent ours playing with his farm, teaching him the different animal sounds, and driving the tractor.

All in all we love Lego Duplo, and we can spent hours playing with the blocks, though it might have to wait till wintertime, because as soon as Jonas is able to get outside he is out playing with the neighbour girls. 

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