Monday, February 1, 2010

A new start

Well I have started my new job today, I'm really excited about it, it has been lots of fun, and somehow it just makes me a bit happier being around flowers... didn't think I was the type that would enjoy that, yeah I like flowers, but I have never been able to get super excited about it. But I must admit its for sure more fun working with the flowers than all different small boxes off perfume or office applies. You don't need much for something to look nice so its quite fulfilling. At the same time I'm pretty much lost when someone asks me questions, thank God for phones, I have called a friend several times today, but every time I'm able to answer a question I get high:)
So I'm super excited for a new day tomorrow, where I hopefully will learn a bit more about paint and mixing different colours, I haven't dared to go near the machine today, too many new impressions will not do any good, at least not if I'm suppose to remember anything.

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