Monday, July 5, 2010

How to get out of bed REALLY fast!

Yesterday I had a workday, and on Sundays I usually go in around 7.00 am and we open at 9.00 am. I just kind of nice to get the last details ready for opening in a nice a slow pace with a cup of coffee. The day usually ends up better when the day starts out good.

So yesterday morning I woke up before the alarm... or so I thought! I turned around to look at the watch to see how long I could sleep before I had to get up. SURPRISE.... it was 8.53 am, yep the store was opening 7 minutes later! I started swearing why the f*** the alarm hadn't went of, and ran to find a phone to call in that I was late.


I found the phone which felt like minutes later, looked at it and it said the time was only 4.52 am... confused? I for sure was, and started swearing even more... ran to the kitchen to look at the watch on the oven, which also said 4.52... still not sure which clock was right, I ran to find my cell phone, which also said 4.52.

So by then I was sure it was only 4.52, and could go back to bed. But now I was wondering why the alarm clock would show 8.53 am, it runs on batteries (so I can be a falling out of power), it's radio controlled via Frankfurt.... so instead of getting a few ours more sleep I was wondering what happened. I might have come to a conclusion that it must have been all the thunder and lighting going on through the night.

I tell you that sleeping in late is something that can get me out of bed REALLY fast. I only slept in late once before, and from the time I got up till the time I got to work took 12 minutes, I got to shower before leaving. 12 MINUTES, beat that! I have to say it usually takes 7 minutes to drive to work, that day I probably did it 4 or 5 minutes. Yeah I didn't dry my hair and was only wearing mascara.

Hope your Sunday started out a bit better than mine!


  1. Oh wow! Now that is quite the startle! So glad you didn't have to rush in to work!

  2. It's much better to have that happen than to be really late! One time during the winter I fell asleep in the afternoon and when I woke up it was dark and I couldn't tell if it was 7pm or 7am (during the winter it's dark at both those times). It took forever because I only have regular clocks - nothing that said AM/PM. And I had no TV. I finally just called my mom. It was surreal though - not knowing the time!

  3. Oh Connie!! I'm not too bad at sleeping in, but like Kattrina I'm quite bad at falling asleep during the day, and then waking up and not knowing what time it is, or the time of day, or even what day it is!!



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