Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July weekend USA!

Those Americans for sure knows how to celebrate! I've been lucky enough to celebrate the 4th July twice in the USA.

The first time was while I was an Au Pair, and I celebrated the weekend at the beach, in Ocean City Maryland. I spent the weekend with the family at the beach, I went para sailing, we went to a really great fish restaurant for dinner, and met up with the rest of the family for the fireworks. It's really an amazing holiday.

The second time I had the luck to celebrate was 3 years ago while on vacation, and we just happened to be in New York City. As the naive tourist we were, we figured the top of the Empire State Building would be a great place to watch the fireworks. But we went for dinner first, and then we was standing in line outside the building at the time the fireworks started. As first we thought it was thunder (I refer to the stupidity of tourists again), because it had be really hot and humid all day. Then it dawned on us... its the fireworks, so instead on waiting in line, we started walking towards the river.

We got some really great pictures, and had fun. And we got to go to the Empire State Building on July 5th. But if you ever go to New York on the 4th of July and you plan to go to the Empire State Building to see the fireworks, you should probably go there in the afternoon and stay till the evening:)

One of the reasons I love the 4th of July is just the celebrating of your independence. We don't really have an independence day in Denmark, on June 5th we have a holiday because the oldest law in Denmark was written. On May 4th 1945 we were freed from Germany (parts of Denmark), and the only way you really celebrate that is by lighting a candle in you windows... as I said those Americans for sure knows how to celebrate!

Happy 4th of July USA!


  1. Wooo hoooo! Thanks, Connie! That's so cool that you got to celebrate in OC, MD! I try to go there at least once a summer. It's CRAZY on the 4th!

  2. Happy 4th of July! Just because you're not in the states, doesn't mean you can't celebrate! We had Canada Day yesterday and it was fun, but I still think we'll do a bit of a BBQ on the fourth to celebrate our friends to the south!


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