Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's party time...

First of all thank you for all the get well wishes, it always makes me feel a bit better.
Tonight I'm going to a really BIG PARTY. The chain of our department store is celebrating their 40Th anniversary. So tonight we are all going to a big party, well we are too many for them to fit all in one place. So we are being split up in 2, and our store is partying with 7 other stores, and we will end up being 2.800 people in one place! There will be free bar (not like I'll be drinking), great food, and the entertainment is still a secret. Those of my colleagues who were there 15 years ago for the 25Th anniversary said back then a really big Danish band were playing and one of the most popular TV host at the time were their host. So I'm really excited, when they throw a big party the usually go all out, so I'm ready to party!
At first I hadn't signed up for the party, due to my brother getting married today, but after they cancelled their wedding I tried to get a ticket for the party, and lucky me, I ended up getting one. And the dress... well I had bought one in Kuala Lumpur I thought I might wear for the wedding, so now I get to use it anyways. It's not a dress I would usually wear at a wedding, but I didn't want to spent a whole lot of money on a dress that I would be able to wear this once, and then hopefully I will be to thin to wear again:)
Have a nice weekend, and a happy wedding day to Kimbirdy over at Fill Your Well, she is getting married today, I'm so excited for her, and are hoping she is having a fab day with lots of love!


  1. Glad you're feeling better Connie. I'm so happy for Kim, too! I bet it's a wonderful wedding...

  2. Have a fantastic evening Connie! It sounds like it's going to be amazing!!


  3. So glad you're feeling better Connie! Hope you had a wonderful night!


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