Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a disapointment!

I'm so disappointed you wouldn't believe it. The party last night had been blown up to being the biggest thing ever... and what did we get? I don't know where to begin... first we had to sit on benches at the tables, so nowhere to lean on, and my butt is killing me today... not the best place to sit, and definitely not the best place to sit when being pregnant! When we arrived at each plate there was 1 beer, 1 alcoholic welcome drink and 1 bottle of water and then there were wine at the tables. So this was all we got to drink for 3 hours till the bar opened. I must admit the great food didn't taste the same when drinking water. I of course had plenty of water, because no one wanted that, but we had hardly begun dinner before people ran out of beer, and a lot of them don't drink wine... so after negotiating for a while they would open the bar for 10 minutes for people to get beer, but no I couldn't get a soda!

When the bar finally opened some colleagues went to get drinks and asked for a coke for me, which the bartender couldn't make... what the f*** you can make rum and coke, but a plain coke... what is up with that? So I was drinking water all night, I didn't care to try another bartender. Though I found some coffee at one point which was nice for a change.

Then we all thought some big name would come and perform... but no! We got 3 cover bands, the first one was so lousy, I can't begin to describe them... the next one was actually really good, but we were all a bit too disappointed to give them credit for their great job! The last one was a Michael Jackson cover, and honestly... he wasn't that good!

And then there was the little thing about the toilets, how does 21 toilets for 2800 people sound? Like a lot of queue... yep about half an hour before you had to go you would have to stand in line... when you're pregnant you have to go quite often, so imagine where I spent most of my evening!

Uhh sorry for the negative attitude, but this was really not what I expected. If I had only known I would have stayed home, and not having been tired today, we got home at 5.30 this morning...

On a happy note then I just realised that this is my 100Th post:)

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  1. Ugg, what a bummer! I hate when that happens. Hope the rest of your week turns out better!


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