Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm enjoying the silence...

Do any of you have an idea of how much a 7-year old boy talks?
Ohh my God... we have been babysitting my husbands Godson since 1.00 pm, and I don't think he has been silent for 5 minutes at a time. He is so sweet, but boy does he talk a lot:o) And he asks many questions. I have just tugged him in (with his gameboy, I know not the real parenty thing to do, but I'm not a parent until February). So now I'm enjoying a few hours of silence before heading to bed myself. We have spent the day playing Dragon Balls and what else on the PlayStation, he has been playing on the computer (not even that is done in silence) and he has played with his Star wars Lego, and though I never seen a Star wars movie I think I now knows who is bad and who is good (the guy with the green head and big ears are good).
But having him over also mean we have to monitor whats on TV, so we have more or less only been reading the news online, because yesterday there was a bombing in Copenhagen. Well the bombing supposedly didn't go as expected because only the bomber was hurt. He tried to bomb a hotel in the center of the city, but he failed. He tried to run, but later got caught. He had lost one leg, so it kind of impressive how far he had got before getting caught.
The man denies to cooperate with the police, but he speak French, and they expect him to be from the Northern part of Africa. He don't know what his name is or where he is from... or well he isn't telling. The police does not yet know if it was a act of terrorism, but the fear it might be, with today being September 11Th. So until further notice they are on highest alert at airports etc.
It's a bit scary, so far most terrorist attacks have been in other countries and so far away that we haven't really been exposed, but now it's getting close... too close. Luckily this guy failed, but who knows what will happen next time?
I hope everybody is all right, and I will continue to enjoy a bit of silence.


  1. My gosh, how scary. I wish I could understand why people would want to hurt others. It makes me so sad.

  2. Little kids have so much energy, don't they???


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